What's so cool about optimising content?

4 November 2015

Optimising content, on the surface, means making the 'words on the page' of a website better, ie:

Always a fun task, but what value does it add to the company that owns the site?

When you're running a business, money and value must be your drivers. Fun is important, but it does have to take the passenger seat.

OK, so we're optimising content but what are we achieving?

Well, editing content on the page and making it easier to read, and focused, helps customers understand what the page is offering. Customers who understand what a site is offering are more likely to transact with that site.

One point to optimising content.

Let's try for two

It's a comfortable feeling when a web page matches other company publications. The page and the other publications feel like they are part of the same message.

Customers feel like they're dealing with one entity. This helps them feel confident about what they're reading. A confident site visitor is, again, more likely to transact.

Two points, we're doing well.

But is that all there is to content optimisation - tidying up page content?

Not really.

How would you like to improve the SEO ranking of a page?

Align the terms used to describe that page to the right keywords and watch the page move up the rankings.

Do you want more people to complete a form?

Look at the words on the form - the instructions, field names, error messages and button labels - are they simple and easy to understand? Make the message easier and more people can make it to 'Submit'?.

Are the navigation and internal site search up to scratch?

Maybe the words used to label and describe pages could be better? Match those labels and descriptions to the terms customers search with and they have a greater chance of finding what they're looking for.

What about site management, is it tricky to find the right site assets in the CMS?

Yes, you can optimise content in the CMS. Get the names and descriptions of site assets - the metadata - right and they'll be quicker and easier to find.

We're really racking up those points now.

What is content optimisation?

It's finding and improving the language and labelling of all content across a site:

How does this add value?

If you review and improve your content, navigation, site search, SEO, form completion and the assets used to build a site you've added value to your site:

Content optimisation is not only cool, it is an investment in your business.