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Looking at your digital presence - your website, portal, intranet, apps and social media - through the eyes of your customers and staff really is an eye-opening experience. Try this exercise and you'll see what I mean.

Ask a colleage to search for one of your products or services on Google and watch what they do. See those page titles and descriptions that you haven't reviewed in months?

Ask them to apply for leave through your staff portal. Do they not know their employee number? Maybe they can't find the submit button?

Or ask them to fill out your online application form, sales tool or customer feedback form. Are they running into roadblocks you hadn't thought of?

I can help you see your digital presence through the eyes of the people who use it and highlight the roadblocks that could be stopping them from transacting with you. I'd love to help you remove those roadblocks and:

If you need good people to manage your site I can help you build a skilled digital team.

knowledge transfer

When I was a site manager, one thing always bothered me about bringing in outside companies to do work. They took their know-how with them when they left.

I don't do this. When I work with you, I make sure that you understand what I've done and why before I go.


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