My process

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When I review your digital presence - your website, portal, intranet, apps and social media - I put myself in the shoes of your customers and staff and experience your digital assets to understand how they present your business, your products and your services.

I can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Consulting - I run a heuristic review of your digital presence and provide you with a report on what may be preventing customer conversion.
  2. In-house - I work with you and your team to analyse the performance of your digital assets, identify areas that block your customers from transacting with you online and remove those blocks


If you want a check-up, I can assess your digital presence as a normal site visitor. I'll visit your website, portal, intranet, apps and social media channels, using the most popular browsers and a selection of mobile devices.

I'll put each asset through its paces and evaluate its behaviour towards site visitors in a series of typical scenarios.

For check ups, I test:

Then I provide you with a Site Report and recommendations to improve your digital presence.


If you’re looking for a bit more. I can work with you and your web team to quality check your site.

I'll look at your social media comments, talk to the people taking customer calls, analyse your site traffic and look at your internal and external search results.

Based on the learnings I gain from that research, I'll then work with you and your web team and help you:

And leave you with a full set of documentation.

I can help you with any digital project, from a site review to a full digital transformation. You let me know what suits you best and I'll fit in with you.


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