My deliverables

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When I work on improving your digital presence - your website, portal, intranet, apps and social media - I provide you with a robust set of deliverables and documentation.

This document set differs, depending on the nature of the project:

Reviews, redesigns and improvements

For a site review, the documentation centres around the Site Report. This report provides an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your site. Accompanying documents may include:

Sections in the Site Report outline each recommendation and the likely outcome of implementing it.


For a site migration, I provide a broader range of skills and a more comprehensive set of deliverables. I work closely with your technical team and design the content component of the migration from project inception to delivery.

The deliverables you receive as part of this process include a Business Requirements Document, defining every aspect of the new site and its supporting system:

I can format the Business Requirements Document using your template or I can provide a template if your prefer. I document the functions of the system in a range of formats, including swim-lane diagrams, process diagrams, spreadsheets and wireframes.


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